One of the best pieces of advice that a previous superior of mine gave me was to always go into work dressing for the role you want, NOT the role you have. Since I started in an office I have always kept that in mind every night when I am planning my outfit for the following day. Look the part for success!

Being trendy in an office atmosphere can be tricky at times because the inner fashionista in me is always itching to push my style boundaries at work, and although I am sure nothing would ever be inappropriate you always want to make sure to stay classic but tip toeing right on the edge of reason. I love to play with color, and I absolutely adore pale pinks, blushes, and nudes. This palette tends to be a staple of mine so be prepared to see splashes of these colors in many of my posts.

A great way to wear color without being too much is to go monochromatic. Using multiple shades and tones of the same color will add dimension to your outfit, play with different materials and you add texture as well. An outfit that is monochromatic can very easily become mundane, but adding the texture and dimension will never disappoint. Bring the texture game to another level by wearing a patterned heel that still remains in a neutral palette, like I did or be more adventurous than I was here and go with a COLORFUL patterned heel! OOOOHHHH imagine the possibilities. You can do it! I believe in your ability to go beyond the norm…and way beyond your own personal norm! I am here to tell you that ITS OKAY!

Pants – Noul

Turtleneck – H&M

Two Piece Tank top – Zara

Heels – Banana Republic