I am so excited to share my fashion story with you. After years of people getting on my butt about creating an outlet to showcase my own personal style I have finally done it. The fire in me just needed a little spark. So let’s kick it off!

Let’s give you guys and gals some background on what brought me to this point. Growing up I have always been the girl who had the latest and the trendiest items. This was thanks to mother dearest… my mom is the epitome of business style with her sharp, structured, and mostly custom tailored colorful suits working in the financial district of downtown Vancouver. Her lunch breaks would mostly be spent shopping for her little girl. ME! So every week, multiple times a week Mom came home with new outfits for me and they were always perfectly coordinated and always very “of the moment” pieces.

As the years passed, my passion for fashion only grew and so did my wardrobe. From what I remember, I was always the girl who had more than enough clothing to spare. The walk-in closet had to be filled somehow.

I always followed the fashion world, being knowledgeable of street brands as well as the couture designers at a very young age. My bedroom walls were covered in pages I had ripped out of magazines not because I craved the runway like most girls, but because I craved the garments that grazed them.

It used to be all about quantity as the fashionable girl who wanted it all. Now, in my 30s I realize its about picking pieces that are striking, not overbearing, and timeless with an attention to detail. I love playing with patterns, textures, and multiple layers of length to create dimension in almost all of my outfits.

I want my story to show you how much fun you can have with clothing, and show you that at any age, fashion is most about exuding your inner personality and letting her express herself without boundaries.

Funky outfits are always my fave… a little edgy… a little rocker chic…but always adding that feminine flair. My ripped jeans are always a weekend staple. And if Vancouver weather permits, the black leather jacket is always my constant companion. I have a tendency to think outside the box with items, I rarely take them as they are meant to be. This boho chic dress is such a gorgeous piece that as its meant to be worn you could be laying in a meadow in the middle of summer and it would be what dreams are made of, but I chose to rock it open and over shredded high-waisted jeans. I wore it open to give it that amazing movement as you walk…and what better way than that to say…. I have arrived!


Leather Jacket – Zara

Jeans – Citizens of Humanity – Rocket Indie Wash

Heels – Zara

Dress- Zara

Sunglasses – Gentle Monster

Choker – Forever21