One of the biggest things I tend to struggle with when it comes to my personal style is making it suitable for a woman in her 30s, I mean I am turning 35 this year. Wow. When I stop and think about needing to dress my age and what is appropriate for a working woman in her mid 30s, do you know what ends up happening? I ignore and eventually erase that thought. Don’t get me wrong I fully accept my age and am the happiest and most confident I have been in a very long time and this is why I choose to ignore the norm. As people who love fashion and want to create your own personal style, why adhere to what people believe should be appropriate. Its called personal style because you make it your own. So wear what you want to wear, I just try to give you the guidance to be able to play it safe within the rebellious zone, if you want to push the boundaries that I put on my own personal style, go right ahead! More power to ya!

I want to encourage the adventure in each of you and hold your hand so you know that its okay to have fun and be quirky and flirty with your style. My hope is that you guys and gals can use me as your inspiration to feeling confident with your inner style instincts.

My inner fashionista is super vivacious and young at heart which is why I play with so much color, texture, and yep. Pattern! I also tend to mix it up with traditional ways to wear pieces of clothing. For example, the loose fitting flowy overalls, so great! So comfy! The relaxed fit and boyish inspired charm would commonly be paired with a fitted tee or tank, with the pant legs rolled and paired with some chucks. Super cute right? Definitely. But lets spin it trutoform style and add that feminine spin with the off the shoulder top, and color block booties, a bit rocker with the booties, a bit sexy with the skin exposed. Perfect!

Overalls- Wilfred by Aritzia

Top – Forever 21

Boots – Zara