Denim, Denim, Denim, this is the backbone of my fashion life. I know that thus far this may not be that apparent but it really really is an obsession of mine. The ripped variety especially have a soft spot in my heart. So how exactly does a working gal implement this denim obsession into a workplace environment? You find a denim pencil skirt with…. Yes! Rips in them…oh the possibilities!

When trying to find the perfect denim pencil there are always a few things to keep in mind..

  1. Length – find the sweet spot (in other words the most flattering) but making sure that the end of the skirt hits you at the narrowest part of the lower portion of your leg, also known as the calf. Below the knee and just above the bulk of the calf muscle is my sweet spot.
  2. Wash – Just like jeans, you can go with any wash…light medium and dark…but I enjoy good placement of fading. The darker areas should always be on the outer edges of the skirt and make sure its subtle..nobody wants it to look like stripes..unless that’s the look you are going for and in that case go stripey nuts! =)
  3. Mind the rips and shredding – make sure the placement of the rips are where you want them to be. Mid-hip and thigh area rips are fitting for work…gaping holes? Not so much. Lets keep it classy ladies! Haha

Now that you’ve found the perfect denim skirt, show it off by tucking in a pretty blouse in a pattern preferably or take a masculine edge with a button up dress shirt in a stripe or checkered pattern, or one of my fave looks with this beauty is a silky feel chambray button down in a lighter shade of denim to sport the Canadian Tuxedo with that sexy feminine spin I tend to lean towards. Whoever said denim couldn’t be worn in the office? Prove them wrong! And wear it!

Skirt – ONLY from Plenty

Top – Zara

Heels – Zara

Sunglasses – Aldo

Leather Jacket – Zara