A major part of what inspired me to start my blog was to create something that fashionable people could turn to for style inspiration but even more than that, a sort of how to on dressing trendy, yet classic, sophisticated, but never boring.

I have my job in an office, working downtown amongst the Vancouver financiers and I come home to Yaletown. Just a regular Vancouver based career woman who just wants to look and feel great! I walk to and from work every day so while comfort is definitely important, I would never sacrifice style, no compromise there. With that in mind, please repeat after me…. Office outfits DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have to be boring! This is a common misconception that I hear from working folks all the time. I am telling you people this does not have to be our truth! Let’s join forces and promise never to pull out that cardigan set on a Monday morning, or the white sneakers (YES, I called them sneakers just in hopes that it will cause you to refrain from wearing those ugly things ever again) that go on your feet as you walk or commute to work only to be replaced by ballet flats once you reach the office. Let’s take it one step at a time, I will allow the flats and look past them if you promise that the 3 inches minimum, sexy stiletto pumps are what go on your feet when you reach your office. Please and Thanks!

So now that I have lectured your ears off, my biggest pointer for office wear is really the same concepts I apply to my daily style. Play with it! Have Fun! Use pattern, texture, color, and layering. I love to play with patterns for the office. I tend to do contrasting patterns with one another. But in this case I went with similar patterns with different widths, but same color palettes. With same style patterns this is what you want to keep in mind so that it ends up looking symmetrical but not too matchy-matchy. Navy blue is always a great alternative to black…and though I am not opposed to black…it is rarely seen in my wardrobe. I am trying to work on that though…I know I know…how could I? No black…impossible. I will be sure to include the black pieces for all you soul-less fashionistas. Haha.

Now look into that closet, throw away the cardigan set, and start mixing up some pattern on pattern!


Blouse – Banana Republic

Pants – Zara

Sunglasses – Aldo