How do you guys and gals shop? When I purchase an item, I know that the smart thing to do is to always think before purchasing it…what do I have at home that this can be paired with? This would be the practical thing to do…plan before purchase… I am not that practical…remember? I have fun with fashion. That’s my style mantra. HAVE FUN! Sooooo when I buy an item…I purchase now and plan later!

Vancouver style always leans on the practical side, we are unfortunately the city that floods the streets with yoga wear as street wear… but let’s change that! We can’t be afraid to rock a patterned coat or a brightly coloured pair of trousers. I am always on the hunt for unique pieces. Like a broken record, I repeat… pattern, colour, and texture! Find those pieces that have it all and it’s a winner. Pair it with your basics and it will liven up the entire look! Patterned jackets are the best! This one has the bohemian vibe I tend to be gravitated towards, paired with the music inspired tee with similar colour palettes and duh, of course ripped jeans…love it! But an outfit would not be signature Tru to Form without my feminine twist..the heels, a nude pointy toed block heel. Perfect for the walk to and from work, and pulls it all in to make it suitable for a Casual Friday at the office. Voila!

Jeans – Zara

Heels – Zara

Jacket – Forever 21

Tee – Urban Outfitters