Have you ever had dreams about a specific piece of clothing that you know exists out there, somewhere, and its waiting for you to try that baby on and instantly feel like its meant to be yours?…sitting in your closet..excited to be used and abused in a multitude of ways? For me the long, two tone gray wool vest was that piece. I yearned for it to be mine, I dreamt about it, and it plagued my style thoughts for what seemed like an eternity.

A few years ago, Olivia Palermo rocked this gorgeous gray wool vest, it was a light gray body with a charcoal gray collar and detailing. Magnificent. It was definitely a staple piece of hers for that winter/spring season because it was paired with the Canadian tuxedo and heels, as well as the pencil skirt and heels, and with every outfit it only added that extra flare to make it special and to pull the entire look together. Once I caught eye of this inspirational piece I was on a hunt to find it, and have it as close to its muse as possible. For a few seasons, I scoped my usual suspects of retail therapy hoping to find it at an affordable price but always willing to break the bank within reason if it had to be done. (This by the way should be the mentality of every fashion forward maven). I would come across many gray vests, many of the right length, many of the right shape, but where they all lacked was that dash of charcoal gray to top it all off…so I never settled. Until…..the day came, on that glorious afternoon, and as if the story couldn’t be more perfect..it was on the day of my birth when the vest emerged…on the sale racks of the Pacific Centre Club Monaco! I could not believe my eyes…on sale… the mid-calf length, Italian wool, two-tone gray vest I had searched for…yearned for.. and heaven was looking down on me when it was also graced with a two-tone belt at the waist. This was it, it was on sale, mind you still at almost $400, and one left..in my size! Oh my goodness. I tried it on and instantaneously I was in love. The wait was well worth it. So that my friends just goes to show…the BEST come to those who are willing to wait. My unicorn vest found its way home into my crammed yaletown sized walk in closet.

A multitude of vests of all colors, materials, and lengths can be found in my closet as they can be such great additions to any wardrobe. Perfect for those days that are not quite spring ready, with just enough chill that requires some girth to your outfit. Plus a vest can also be an unexpected masculine twist to a super feminine outfit. If you need to own just one or two, make sure that you stay neutral in color, perhaps a gray, crème, or of the camel/nude variety, mid-thigh to mid-calf length is always the most universally flattering, the place to be more adventurous can be with the material and texture!

The unicorn vest paired with the cropped ruffled top took a play on masculine vs. feminine and allowed them to create harmony. The light gray and white keeps the outfit very fresh and appropriate for multiple seasons and multiple reasons. Wear this type of outfit to work, and easily transition it with the vest MIA and it can be worn to dinner after office hours.

Unicorn vest – Club Monaco

Pants – Zara

Top – Zara

Heels – banana Republic

Necklace – Forever 21

Sunglasses – Aldo